About Us


We are in the business of creating bespoke art for the architectural industry.

By combining classic creativity with modern technology, and adding branding elements,

we create unique art that reflects the design sensibilities of each individual project.

The world today seeks bespoke design. Be it in fashion, jewellery, accessories and in living-working spaces.

We seek to transform your art intent into original art forms with insightful perspectives that not only delight but relates and identifies with the connoisseur.

For the architects and interior designers, we offer synergy and complete adherence to the design intent and branding objectives to create art that have no material, size or style boundaries.

Chennai is our home

Based in Chennai, Haute Arts is founded by Amrithaa, artist and designer, and built with a strong team of artists and craftsmen with specialized skills in both traditional and contemporary techniques.

She is supported by her husband Subash, who is a partner and heads marketing, and Ramah who handles corporate marketing.

And supported by three teams of artists with varied experience in all forms of traditional and contemporary techniques; Vendors of leading technology and architectural material suppliers and manufacturers; and a small, efficient team of two carpenters, one tile layer and glass panel installer.



Safety and Quality

Safety at the workplace

We take care to see that safety measures are adopted while our artists are working in public areas or in elevations and when working with materials that are harmful to inhale.
All paints, sealants, adhesives and aerosol cans will be of the best quality and non-toxic.

Safety of products and material

Our arts, artefacts, accessories and panels follow all safety norms. The materials used will be non-toxic and bio degradable. Material like fibreglass and PVC will be used within permitted allowance and with the required cautionary warnings. Breakable material like glass will also carry caution

Quality in process

We have tied up with best artists, printing and technology vendors. Be it painting techniques, printing, router cutting, lighting, glass, marble or wood, we have the best available processes for you.

Quality in material

We use only the best, non-toxic material available in Chennai, eco-friendly where possible. We have many options in material and raw material choices which will be shared with our clients.
The durability and warranties will be clearly stated.

Our Clients

Architect Ponni
Oscar and Ponni

Architect Soma
Some and Dhana

Architect Sathish

FOAID Designs

Interior Designer

Sadhana - Interiior Designer
Neeras Design Studio
The Ascott Group

PS Srijan Group
Nexterra Project

Mancini Designs
Interior Design Project

Glitterati Cafe

The GRT Group

SS Jewellers

New Town Restaurant

Nellai Express Restaurant

Design Commission

Kaiyaan Lights
Design Commission
GRT Group

Aspire K Swaminathan
Private Art Commisison

Jayasree Vummidi
Private Art Commission

Naveen & Disha Gwalani
Private Art Commission

Farwood Interiors
Interior Contractors

Suresh Jain
Interior Contractor

Manoj Choradia
Interior Contractor